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Looking Back, Living Here & Leaving a Legacy

August 27th - October 8th, 2018


Men's Seminar

Paul Reeth, a licensed marriage and family therapist, will be facilitating a 6-week program for men who desire to explore life...past, present and future. Paul will use music, videos, humor, stories, discussion questions and biblical truths to help men understand themselves, improve our most important relationships and grow into the men we are called to be in Christ.


Contact Scott Vander Heiden, 952-237-8479.

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Pre-Marriage Class

September 12th - December 5th, 2018


Evergreen-Bloomington, Room 119

If you desire to become husband and wife at our church, we invite you to attend our pre-marriage class. Our mission is to equip seriously-dating and engaged couples with a Biblical foundation for a lifetime of marital happiness and holiness. Our pre-marriage class is also open to a limited number of recently married couples (married five years or less) who feel they would like a “refresher” course in the principles of a successful marriage.

Check out the Pre-Marriage Class Brochure for more information or to register with a check.

You will be charged a nonrefundable fee of $70.00 for the class.